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Youtube channels to learn how to repair PCs

Laptops and desktops continue to occupy a very important place in the world’s businesses and homes. Although the use of mobile equipment is much higher, the PCs, provide better performance and their screen size much larger than that of a cell phone, they provide comfort for the visualization of all kinds of images.

Technological improvements are made to both mobile computers, laptops and desktops, all in order to keep at the forefront millions of users who make daily use of PCs.

To keep this business in the best way it is important to have the technicians in computer maintenance and repair, a guild that drives, repairs and adapts new technologies to your Pc.

To continue our legacy of Full Learning we select five important YouTube channels where you can learn computer maintenance and repair. The information is free of charge and is suitable for anyone interested in it-related issues.

5 YouTube channels to learn computer repair and maintenance

Youtube channels to learn how to repair PCs 1

Components and connectors of a Pc

GabakTech an excellent channel with very instructive and high quality courses for technicians and beginners in the repair and maintenance of computer equipment.

Pc display does not turn on or off

Bricoelectric2013 many tutorials on computer repair and maintenance and other topics related to electronics and new technologies.

How to identify a short or damaged plaque

Francisco Tesoro a true professional in the subject, his excellent lessons are accompanied by practical tips that will help him become a great technician of computer repair and maintenance.

Assembly NZXT Noctics 450

Pc Efficient An expert in assembling and recommending the most efficient computers, describes and assembles step-by-step high power machines. Special for Gamers and people working with Software who have a high consumption of resources.

How to repair an all-in-one Pc

Luis Miguel Soto Villalobos is a great connoisseur of the repair of laptops and state-of-the-art equipment, printers, tablets and cell phones, with fully updated information.

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