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10 symptoms that your PC is infected with a virus

From slower to sending emails on its own, there are elements that clearly indicate that your PC has a virus.

A virus, as defined in manual, is software that aims to alter the normal functioning of the computer without the user’s permission or knowledge. Viruses usually replace executable files with others infected with the computer’s code and can intentionally destroy data stored on a computer. They are spread through mobile apps, software, scamming over networks and emails, they can come within content downloaded by sites like Torrent, etc.

Virus and Antivirus

As old as Desktop Computing itself, the first virus (considered as such) attacked an IBM 360 Series machine and was named Creeper, (ENMS) by its author, Bob Thomas, on the BBN in 1971. It was not designed to cause damage but to check if you could create a program that would move between computers. This program regularly issued the message: “I’m a creeper… catch me if you can!» (“I’m a vine… grab me if you can!”).

To eliminate this problem, the first antivirus program named Reaper was created. From the 80s until today the progressive settlement and use of computing in homes, jobs, establishments, etc. has brought with it an exponential increase in malware, which today does not respect mobiles.

10 Symptoms of A Computer Infected

Even if we have several antiviruses, blockers and protection programs installed, sometimes malware may sneak in without us noticing either by our own hand or because it has managed to bypass all the security systems that we have installed. Therefore, this is where everyone should be attentive to the signals that their PC, laptop, etc. sends you. According to the OSI, the Office of Homeland Security, if you suspect your computer is infected, look at whether you have any of these symptoms.

  • Latitude: Suddenly the computer is running slower than before, as if it were lacking power
  • Programs don’t work: the software you use every day suddenly doesn’t run well or gives problems
  • The computer restarts or crashes for no reason
  • The antivirus is gone: perhaps one of the clearest and also blaming signs
  • Blocked personal files: Can’t access your private data? Someone wants you not to erase them or alter them.
  • The printer doesn’t work: before it went great and now it doesn’t even start, despite having restarted it, reinstalled the drivers and ensured that it works on another device
  • Pop-ups every little while: the dreaded advertising banners that come out without even opening your web browser
  • Slow downloads: it used to go at full speed but not now, and mobile and other gadgets download just like before, but not the PC
  • Emails you haven’t sent: Suddenly your contacts have emails from you that you haven’t sent and with issues and messages suspected of being Phishing or something else.
  • The Web Browser doesn’t work: suddenly the browser shows you websites that you haven’t ordered and searches that you haven’t done.